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Noun sense of "fourth-year student" is from 1741, from earlier general sense of "advanced student" (1610s). Two or three probationers had been sent to help cleanup, and a senior nurse.

A senior boy, if he does his duty, should make every boy's cause his own, and 'feel' for him.

In 2014 The Atlantic published a story about how often people die at frat houses by falling.

The reporter counted 21 people who have died by falling off or out of frat houses around the country.

Pierce senior set it afloat; that is, he and Mark Galloway together. Flipfield senior, opening her arms, exclaimed, ‘My Tom!

’ Had it not been, the senior boy might have expected punishment from the head-master.

Most class societies are restricted to the senior class, and are therefore also called senior societies on many campuses.

There is no strict rule on the categorization of secret societies.

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These people will have dates on a regular basis, and they may or may not be having sexual relations.

Kaneland High School is a comprehensive high school grades 9-12 located outside of Maple Park, Illinois in western Kane County.