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In the recent time she is repeatedly hitting headlines with her ravishing photo shoots, where she features most of the times in lingerie.One may get a doubt as to why Amisha Patel is showing massive interest in throwing out her wardrobe out from that sexy body.A craze has built up around it with Muslim women in recent months after an Islamic scholar in the United States tested its permeability and published an article saying that, in his view, it complies with Muslim law. A craze has built up around O2M nail polish after an Islamic scholar in the U. tested its permeability and published an article saying that, in his view, it complies with Muslim law 'It's huge,' said Saleh, a 35-year-old who hadn't polished her nails in many years but immediately went out and bought the product in five colors, including a bright pink, a burgundy and a mauve. I feel more feminine — and I just love it.'The news of Inglot's breathable polish has in recent months spread quickly from woman to woman and over the Internet.It also has given Inglot a boost in sales of the product, called O2M, for oxygen and moisture.But her moves are quite seductive like a 19 year old teen that just entered modelling and want to make it big in the near future.Amisha Patel, the sexy siren who debuted with is the lady we are talking about.

She happens to be one of the ageing aunties of Bollywood, though a bachelor still.

The Muppet Show is a half-hour variety show in which Kermit the Frog and the Muppets put on a weekly musical/comedy revue at The Muppet Theatre.

Unfortunately for them, things never quite go according to plan, for the Muppets or their weekly guest stars.

The nail polish now stands as one of the final life achievements of Wojciech Inglot, a Polish chemist and entrepreneur who developed it to create what he billed as a healthier alternative to traditional nail enamels, which block the passage of moisture and oxygen to the nail.

He died suddenly on Saturday at the age of 57 after suffering internal hemorrhaging, and is being laid to rest on Wednesday in his hometown of Przemysl.At least with these photo shoots, she may get a chance as an item girl or some sexy character artist role.