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31-Jan-2018 21:00

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They love the ladies so they use the majority of their wages on buying gifts for different ladies, so are not really building anything towards their future at the pace they could if they only just…focused! The dotting suit and tie ‘worker’In Ghana young adults just want to have a job where they get to wear a shirt and tie to work whereas in the UK for example young adults right of passage is usually shop floor staff during and straight after their studies, nothing wrong with that but suggest that to a student in Ghana and see the bad looks and response you get!So even if they earn much less working somewhere they can wear a shirt and tie, they will take it like that just for the image and to ‘Keep up with the Mensah’s’.There are quite some thugs who hang around brothels or popular places where good looking women want to give out sex for money and so your personal security should always override your passion.The rule is, establish an eye contact with your crush, smile and engage.Six pack fake London guys These guys walk around with jeans half way down their bottoms, have six packs and miraculously have ‘fake’ London or US accents and they have never stepped foot out of Ghana.These men have clearly been watching too much MTV and 4Syte TV (Gh based channel that plays world music videos).READ ALSO: 4 stunner facts about men with small penis that won’t leave you indifferent Put your cards on the table; tell her you are out for a fling and she will tell you how much you need to pay and where you can go have it.It is safer you move from her vicinity to a different location.

More research is needed to understand the context of females’ relationships with boyfriends in an effort to reduce the risk of sexual coercion and to promote the prevention of sexual violence perpetrated by males within these relationships.“If I was dating single guys they might fall in love with me and want to move into my home.

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