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With a living trust, an individual - known as the "settlor" - typically gives up control of property placed in the trust.

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The best way to protect your interests and avoid having your warranty invalidated is to fully understand the terms of your warranty, reading the fine print if it is a warranties are much less common than limited ones and are legally required to cover all repairs or replacements pertaining to defects within the warranty period.

This is a relatively expensive operation compared to the incremental metadata update done by the .

If you are not familiar with the way Impala uses metadata and how it shares the same metastore database as Hive, see Overview of Impala Metadata and the Metastore for background information.

after the table is created in Hive, allowing you to make individual tables visible to Impala without doing a full reload of the catalog metadata.

Impala 1.2.4 also includes other changes to make the metadata broadcast mechanism faster and more responsive, especially during Impala startup. In Impala 1.2 and higher, a dedicated daemon ( statement on another Impala node before accessing the new database or table from the other node.

The details of these requirements may differ depending on the state in which the trust is executed.