Ed and leighton dating in real life

30-Nov-2017 05:35

After graduating from high school he enrolled in Pepperdine University and studied advertising, business and communications.

It wasn't until his sophomore year that his mother encouraged him to give acting a shot.

Lily mentions their housewarming party planned for the next evening and tells Eric that they're allowed to bring friends when he asks.

She then asks Serena if she saw the suit Bart bought for her, and she says yes but she figured it was for the housekeeper.

And while I'm all for letting actors move on from their most famous roles, I can't help but feel kind of giddy about two such iconic TV characters in the past decade getting together in real life.

Or, you know, I could just enjoy the movie without doing that.

However, an aptitude test he took in high school indicated he should pursue a career in performing arts.