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James Millen (amateur radio call sign W1HRX) in Massachusetts was in charge of the mechanical design. (amateur radio call sign W6ZH), son of US President Herbert Hoover, and Howard Morgan (of Western Electric) designed the electronics in Hoover's garage in Pasadena, California.

Dana Bacon (W1BZR) was also involved and wrote about the receiver as second author with James Millen.

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was US.50 less tubes, and a 7000 ohm speaker in a rack panel was US.00.Ten times the circumference of the dial is 12 feet (nearly 4 m), which allowed for great frequency resolution.The four standard sets of coils, A, B, C, and D, covered 14-30, 7-14.4, 3.5-7.3, and 1.7-4 MHz, respectively.The HRO found widespread use during World War II as the preferred receiver of various Allied monitoring services, including Y-Service stations associated with the code-breaking group at Bletchley Park (Station X) in England.

An estimated 1,000 standard HROs were initially purchased by Great Britain, and approximately 10,000 total saw use by the British in intercept operation, diplomatic communications, aboard ships and at shore stations as well as for clandestine use.The two most distinctive features of this radio were its use of a micrometer-type dial, and plug-in sets of tuning coils that slid into a full-width opening at the bottom of the front panel.

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